I've been composing music and writing lyrics for musical theater pieces since the late 1970s.  I've also written many songs on curriculum subjects for use in the classroom, as well as songs without a theatrical context. 

The following plays are available for production by adult and children' groups.


Alice Underground, a story of the last days of the octogenarian who 70 years earlierhad inspired Lewis Carrol's Alice In Wonderland. Her psychological state is enacted byWonderland characters in this witty piece with book by Shann Nix, and theaddition of the wonderful Boat Song by New York composer Tracy Stark. In April of 2006 it played at the Sonoma Community Theater.

Die, Die, Diana, with play and lyrics by Scott Sublett, ran in the New York Fringe Festival.  This satire proposes that theroyal family was responsible for the Princess' untimely death, to prevent the future king, William, fromromping the Malibu beaches.  Now retitled A Royal Mess, it played in 2000 to packed houses at San Jose State.

Bye Bye Bin Laden, with play and lyrics by Scott Sublett ran for 5 weeks in Oct. 2004 in San Franciscoby Custom Made Theatre Company.  This political satire pits George W. and Osama in competingtv shows to win hearts and minds. Also ran at San Jose State in Fall of 2003, this piece was produced as an animated film by San Jose State, directed by Scott Sublett.  It is currently available for rental through Netflix.

The Barbary Coast, with play by David Whitehead in collaboration with Frank Coppola, is available for production. This musical, featuring my lyrics and music with some additions by Ed Bogus, is a murder mystery which chronicles the closing daysof the notorious entertainment district of San Francisco of that name in 1917, as seen through the eyes of a sold-outpolice detective seeking redemption, a runaway socialite dancer, and the headline entertainer at the Bella Union.

D2K, with play by Mel Ziegler who also co-wrote the lyrics, this abbreviation stands for Dress To Kill, and is the semi-Autobiographical story of a war correspondent who returns from a Latin American war with aload of surplus army clothing, which he and his fashion editor girlfriend turn into a high fashion empire. Their wrestling match with the mega-company that buys their business is both hilarious and resonant inthese war-torn times.

Peer, a musical version of Peer Gynt, with adaptation by Jeffrey Lee Pressman and my lyrics and music,has been produced by the Vector Theater Teen Ensemble of San Rafael and is a soulful, fun, and touching treatment of the Ibsen play.  It was also produced by the middle school division of St. Mark's School.

Lickety Split, with play by Lea Brady, is a modern melodrama, pitting a candy manufacturer with a miraculous taste-determining computer program against an evil telemarketer who captures the device and uses it tohoodwink the public. The songs are melodic and rousing and the characters are unforgettable. Recommended for middle school-aged performers.  First produced by Marin Theatre Company.  

Midsummer Night's Dream
, my 1997 composition and collaboration with Sandy Weldon, had a 1970's facelift and help from period pop songs.  It was produced by  the San Anselmo Town Players in 2007. 

Rumpelstiltskin, with play by Charles Queary, both the play and songs were conceived in workshops at theWhite Hill Middle School which Charlie and I conducted in 2000 for a ten-week period. This musical has beenproduced by Yes for Theater in San Anselmo, and by the Marin Theater Company's Summer MusicalTheater Conservatory.  It is recommended for elementary to early middle school-aged performers. The oldgold-spinning yarn is given many new twists and characters in this charming piece, which provides parts for afull compliment of up to 50 actors.

The Odyssey, with play by Charles Queary, takes on portions of the ancient tale of Homer, and makes itaccessible and captivating for a youthful audience and group of performers. Recommended for upper elementary to middle school ages. The music is modern and the theme is eternal.  This piece has been produced twice at The Wade Thomas School, twice at The Brookside School, at arin Primary and Middle School, and at Marin Theatre Company’s Summer Conservatory.

Also Available:

The It Girl, the story of silent-movie diva Clara Bow, with play by Bob Heyman, produced in 1993 by RVCS,San Anselmo, California.

Little Women, with play by Charles Queary, recommended for middle to high school performers, based on theAllcott classic, performed by the White Hill Middle School Players.

Shoes, with play and lyrics by Shann Nix, based on the Twelve Dancing Princesses, produced by Vector Theater of San Rafael, California. Recommended for high-school-age performers.

Tik Tok of Oz, play by Charles Queary, based on the L. Frank Baum novel, with amazing characters that cometo life with memorable musical flair. For upper-elementary to middle-school performers. Produced by Manor School, Brookside School, and Marin Theater Company Conservatory Players.

Other titles available as short (45-minute) plays suitable for classroom projects in elementary school:

Pals Of Planet Earth, with play by Lynda Kalb, explores ecology, and has been produced at Vallecito School, and Brookside School.

1492, When The Old World Meets The New, examines Columbus' explorationfrom the points of view of both the explorers and the natives.

Flounder, a Grimm Tale of the Sea, examines the hazards of ocean pollution and over-fishing from thevantage point of the Grimm fairy tale.

Breadbasket, an empowering piece for upper elementary students, deals with a time traveling youngster from the future who visits our present time and befriends a group of kids interested in helping to end poverty and hunger.  The kids discover it's not so easy for kids to get even good ideas across to adults.  This musical play has been produced at Vallecito and Brookside Schools. 



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